Andreas Gofas


The Oxford Handbook of Terrorism
Edited by Erica Chenoweth, Richard English, Andreas Gofas, and Stathis N. Kalyvas
Oxford University Press, 2019 (est.)



"The Oxford Handbook of Terrorism fills an immense gap in the study of this subject in presenting the research, analysis
and reflections of the field's most eminent scholars. Its nearly fifty chapters comprehensively address the key debates,
critical contours, and diverse methodological approaches that comprise terrorism studies. The editors have commendably
assembled a truly authoritative and indisputably provocative work that will be of interest to students and scholars as well as
to policymakers and government officials." - Bruce Hoffman, Professor at the Security Studies Program, Georgetown
University and author of Inside Terrorism


"This is a very useful, comprehensive and well-organized study of a very difficult, important subject. Many leading scholars
in the field provide significant contributions." - David C. Rapoport, UCLA, Founding and Chief Editor of Terrorism
and Political Violence

"This enormously important Handbook is a wonderful contribution to the literature on terrorism. It brings together from across
the globe the insights of many of the most accomplished academics who have been working in this field for decades, along
with keen analysis from a broad range of young academics. It is a testament to the maturation of the field." - Louise Richardson,
Professor at the University of Oxford and author of What Terrorists Want

"With an impressive muster of contributors, including many of the most distinguished scholars in the field, addressing a
comprehensive range of issues, this Handbook provides a state-of-the-art survey of current research on terrorism." - 
Charles Townshend, Professor of International History Emeritus, Keele University

"This is a comprehensive, thoughtful, and critical assessment of the state of terrorism studies, from its origins to today,
with a wonderful range of contributors. It’s an invaluable handbook for those teaching, researching, and writing about terrorism
on the cutting edge of scholarship—and for those who aspire to do so. Strongly recommended." - Audrey Kurth Cronin,
Professor at American University and author of How Terrorism Ends


The SAGE Handbook of the History, Philosophy and Sociology of International Relations
Edited by Andreas Gofas, Inanna Hamati-Ataya, Nick Onuf
Sage, 2018



“The Handbook is a landmark, not only providing a panorama of the discipline, but also embracing it as a global
project. Critical of traditional paradigms with their clear cores and boundaries, this monumental work includes
diverse perspectives from history, philosophy, and sociology, opens up new horizons for
International Relations, and reshapes our understanding of the world we have made together.” - 
Yaqing Qin, China Foreign Affairs University


“Instead of the stale debates that focus on the “theory" of IR, this volume opens up new spaces for exploration. 
It also shows how wrestling with questions - rather than foreclosing them by “applying” the answer that traditional
"theories and approaches” provided - can lead to new heuristics, precisely because the quest for a “view
from nowhere” has lost its allure.” - Friedrich Kratochwil, European University Institute

“A thought-provoking volume, with contributions from a geographically and methodologically diverse group of scholars
who invite us to think reflexively about IR’s philosophical, historical and sociological foundations. At a time when many
see a discipline in disarray, this innovative Handbook offers us a better sense of what we mean by IR as well as the
multiple ways to study it.” - J. Ann Tickner, School of International Service, American University


Terrorism and European Security Governance
Edited by Andreas Gofas
European University Institute, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, 2018

The Role of Ideas in Political Analysis: A Portrait of Contemporary Debates
Edited by Andreas Gofas, Colin Hay
Routledge 2009

Θεωρητικές Προβολές στη Διεθνή Πολιτική (Theoretical Projections in International Politics)
Ανδρέας Γκόφας και Νικόλαος Τζιφάκης
Εκδόσεις Πεδίο, 2017